What is Bel?

Bel Magazine is a magazine for people who use BelBel and Chibibel to create their own anime characters.BelBel and Chibibel are anime/manga style 3D models, created by Yamato, that you can buy and use for your own 3D manga/anime art.

3D glasses are not required to view your  manga/anime art and you can also sell your manga/anime art made with these cute anime girls.

Buy the 3D models



What do I need to create 3D manga/anime art?


These anime girls, Chibibel and BelBel, can be used in  DAZ Studio or Poser. These are 3d software packages which  start at prices as low as $50. 

3D Software You only need one of the following:



What is Bel?

Bel magazine is a magazine for all those who use Chibibel and BelBel in their art. It is your ultimate 3D manga/anime art creation resource .

In Bel magazine , you can win gift certificates, get  free exclusive 3D content, themed articles  and much more in every issue.

Bel Magazine and Products



You will also need  programs that can do the following:

  • .PDF files to view the magazine (ACROBAT READER)
  • .ZIP files to open the content packs  *(7ZIP)
  • an Image viewer for .JPG,.BMP,.PNG files to see your free artworks (IRFANVIEW)
  • and then DAZ Studio or Poser to make your art

There are many other free programs out there which can you can download.



Bel Artists can find more 3D content  at the following stores to add to their 3D anime and manga artworks: