Tutorial: Bulma Low Rise Look

Needed products:

– Chibibel and School Set (buy from here)
– Chibibel Bulma (download from here )
– Chibibel Pink Safari Mix Bundle (download from ShareCG or Get Pink Safari Mix Pack 1, 2 and the Trans Map Kit 1 on this website here)
-Chibibel Trans Kit 2 – Bulma (download from this website here )


DAZ Studio 4.8 Pro (download from here)


Instructions for Low Rise Look

with Chibibel’s Bulma and the Trans Map Kit 2

1) Load Shirt, Skirt and Bulma, Right Click and fit them all to Chibibel

Fit All to Chibibel
2) Apply any texture to Shirt

1 ApplyTex to Shirt LR


3) Apply Crop Shirt Texture to Shirt ie. 3Q_NC_Crop (Pink Safari MIx Bundle/ Trans Map Kit 1)

2 Apply Crop to Shirt

4) Apply any texture to Skirt

3 Apply any to Skirt

5) Apply Hide Skirt MAT

4 Apply Hide to Skirt

6)Apply any texture to Bulma

5 Apply any to Bulma


7)Apply Bulma Trans ON to Bulma.

6 Apply Bulma Trans On

Final Look:

Final LR look

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