Tutorial: Bulma Tucked in Shirt Look


Tutorial Level: Basic

Needed products:

– Chibibel and School Set (buy from here)
– Chibibel Bulma (download from here )


DAZ Studio 4.8 Pro (download it free from here)


Instructions for Tucked In Shirt Look

1) Load Shirt and Bulma

Load Items

– then  Right Click on items to Fit both to Chibibel

Fit Bulma to Chibibel


2) In Scene Tab, Select Bulma Hip

Select Bulma Hip

– then  in Parameters Tab, Change Bulma Hip z scale to 103 %

Bulma Hip Z Scale 103


Final Tucked In Look

Shirt Tucked In



Now, apply any textures you want to the Shirt and the Bulma – Enjoy!


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