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The Bel Staff made a new friend- Nyasha from NyNyOnline! Together we present to you 6 great anime series for you to watch!


Nyasha from NyNyOnline – Top 3 Anime Recommendations

NyNyOnline Blog

Beyblade (Season 1 – 3)

Beyblade Original Anime Series

Genre: Science fantasy, comedy-drama, sports

It’s a childhood favourite of mine. I first watched the anime at 9 and loved the concept of it from watching it the first time. Although it seems that you have to believe it to see them, that’s what makes it so popular to young children. The first generation cast (2001-2003) of Beyblade are likable characters and the  storyline added some good plot twists with Kai’s past being a favourite among many, BEGA or even Team Psykick. It is hard to find something that I would change about this anime but if I had a choice, I’d change Hilary for a female beyblader to be an original Bladebreaker member. Purchase a DVD either on Amazon or on ebay however it is difficult to buy a box collection of the whole three seasons.

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NANA Anime Series Collection 1


Genre: Drama, Romance, Music, Comedy, Slice of Life, Tragedy

NANA leaves an impact on you as you follow the main characters, both girls called Nana. You begin to care for the girls when situations are thrown their way. All of the characters blend together despite their differences. Suspense is in every episode and since you want to know what happens to the characters towards the end, you won’t stop watching. Each episode leaves more and more suspense. Purchase the whole boxset collection here.

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Persona 4: The Animation:

Persona 4 The Animation Collection 1
Genre: Urban fantasy, Murder mystery, Comedy-drama, Slice of Life, Action-Adventure, Romance

Basing itself off the best Persona game in my opinion, it does not stray from the original video game. The attention to detail to be an exact replica shows this from the soundtrack to memorable locations. The story concept of a mystery murder is really interesting and it progresses quite well with a good choice of characters. Purchase the DVD boxset collection from ebay.

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A-Frique from Bel Magazine- Top 3 Anime Recommendations


Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 1st GIG

Ghost in the Shell SAC 1st GIG
Genre: Sci Fi/Cyberpunk, Philosophical, Cop Series

GITS SAC 1st GIG lets you see into a future of cyborgs, hackers,and political intrigues. It asks deep questions of what it truly means to be living in a technologically advanced and enhanced world.Prepare to enjoy excellent writing and depth in each and every episode. Technological concepts/talk and literary references add to the plot, and are not just for cheap cred.The depth in writing and nuances in the story make the series highly re-watchable and enjoyable during each re-watch.

Although it has many related titles before and after it,  GITS SAC 1st GIG is excellent by itself – and stands alone (sorry for the pun) as do the other related titles. SAC 1st GIG  is also a recommended starting point to enter the narrative world of Ghost in the Shell.

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Azumanga Daioh Complete Series

Azumanga Daioh Complete Anime Series
Genre: Slice of Life, School Life, Girls’ Friendship, Comedy- No Romance &  Not “Moe” & Not “ecchi”

Azumanga Daioh is a nice relaxing kind of anime which has a skit based template to its comedy. Unlike a lot of other girls/ girls school  series, the story isn’t really about romance or “being cute” (moe).  Azumanga Daioh is about friends who have fun while living their everyday life.  The comic timing is excellent and the all female main cast each have their own different personalities which really does create a nice mix of situations. The humour isn’t slapstick or crude so it is perfect to watch with anyone- your grandparents, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, cat-  or just by yourself.

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 Bubblegum Crisis 2032

Bubblegum Crisis 2032 Anime Series

Genre: Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi, Robot/Mecha/Power Suit, Cop Series,

A fun and exciting series featuring a dynamic all female crime fighting team – fighting cyborgs in special robotic suits. It is a solid cop drama which manages to include good and interesting story arcs with a touch of technology added in. This is one of the best examples of the cyberpunk genre together with the GITS movies and series.  The memorable female characters also carry the story well while the suit designs are also quite cool and work well. Expect a very fun and mostly action driven experience that will leave you feeling good and wanting more. For more from the 2032 cast, Bubblegum Crash is recommended but that said- Bubblegum Crisis 2032 is still hands down the best out of all the related series.

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Now please enjoy watching these 6 anime titles!

Support the anime studios and please buy your anime.  ^_^

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