Discover Japanese Noir

What is Japanese Noir?

Well, the west is not the only place that made Film Noir films.

Japan too had its own great Film Noir films – these films are called Japanese Noir.

These films  spoke about the Japanese society during the 1950-60s.


Pale Flower: Must-watch Japanese Noir


If you want to watch Japanese Noir – try this film:

 ‘Pale Flower’ or ‘ Kawaita Hana’ (1964) by Masahiro Shinoda.


Pale Flower Film Poser -- Japanese Noir--- Bel magazine Blog


Added for you to see on Bel TV is a trailer of Pale Flower


Bel TV: Pale Flower Trailer


Wiki: More Information about  ‘Pale Flower’


Review: A review of ‘ Pale Flower’


Perhaps you can find time to watch it.


How did they make Japanese Noir?

The same elements of film noir are present in Japanese Noir:  gangsters, crime and the tough side of life.

By taking the elements of film noir Japanese directors made their own stories.

The gangsters in the west are replaced with the yakuza of the east.

Casinos  are replaced with gambling dens.

The characters where inspired by the people in Japanese society but you still had the femme fatale, the master mind, the innocent etc.


Elements of Film Noir: Make your own film noir story

In this way, the Japanese directors formed their own noir- Japanese Noir.

Perhaps you too will make your own film noir stories based on the world around you.



For more Film Noir information and links see the article in Bel Magazine Issue 2.

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