5 Reasons to create your anime/manga art in 3D…

Your drawing  skill does not match your creativity.

It can be very frustrating.

Well, if you ever thought about creating your own anime series or manga – there is hope:


5 reasons to create

your anime/manga art in 3D….


1) 3D Software is easy to use

–  Using 3D software like DAZ Studio and/or Poser is a very simple task. Within minutes you can be creating your very own anime and manga art in 3D.

'A Girl with Something to say'--3D Anime Art--- Bel Magazine Blog

2) Consistent results

– no more worrying about body proportions,  Chibibel and BelBel that have perfect proportions from every angle. Set up lights- move cameras – your characters are ready to render from any angle.

3) Lots of 3D Resources available

– there are 1000s of 3D models you can use for your scenes- from characters to props,plants, buildings, clothing, hair- all in 3D .


    SAKURA for EI Pack 2 - Bel dA Freebie - 3D Anime Manga Art    Pink Safari for Chibibel for Poser/DAZ --- Bel Public Freebie --- Bel Magazine Blog

4) Royalty Free 3D models

–  3D anime models ie. Chibibel, BelBel, Mayadoll, Kururu etc are for commercial and non-commercial use- meaning. Sell your work. Without worry about paying any royalties.


5) Stand out

Stand out from other mangakas and anime directors with your own unique style.

How do you get started?


Bel Magazine has different sections in the magazine to help you out:


  •  Built – for advise on where to get props and environments
  • Articles – exploring different themes to spark your ideas
  • Free 3D models – you can use these 3D models for your art.
  • Directory List– containing links to the best 3D marketplaces for DAZ Studio and Poser models.

Ready to create

your own anime series/ manga art in 3D?

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Create your own manga/anime art- Bel Magazine

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