Film Noir – 3 films that you must watch!


Film Noir is a mood- a discovery- a different lens for you to look through.

The world in Film Noir is not perfect or pretty.

It is dark.

To understand Film Noir – you must watch it.

Here is a list of 3 films for you to watch.

Dark themes, twisting plots and lots of tension- all in black and white.


The Maltese Falcon.



The Maltese Falcon - Film Noir

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The Matlese Falcon has a very intriguing plot.

Perhaps one of the best of the Film Noir genre.


Key Largo.



Key Largo - Film Noir


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The characters of ‘Key Largo’  interact very well with each other. Lots of tension.


The Big Sleep



The Big Sleep - Film Noir

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The characters in ‘The Big Sleep’ as the plot are very interesting. A well made classic Film Noir detective story.


Humphrey Bogart stars in all three. He played these characters well.

Humphrey Bogart was one of the great actors of the Film Noir period.  His films are recommended.


For more Film Noir information and links see the article in Bel Magazine Issue 2.


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