Ganguro Heaven – EGG Magazine

Ganguro is not dead- introducing EGG magazine.

Since Ganguro is not dead – how do we know it is still alive and well?

Being a Ganguro/Gyaru means lots of things- but one of those things is most certainly – FASHION + MAKEUP- the look is very important.

Reading EGG magazine is where you can see the latest trends. The models of EGG are ordinary people not professional models.

They are scouted from the streets of Japan for their unique gyaru and ganguro style.


Wiki: More about EGG Magazine


Ganguro/Gyaru style: A closer look at EGG Magazine


We like EGG magazine covers 🙂 This one is for April 2012 .

Egg Magazine Cover Example---Bel Magazine

Inside Egg Magazine Sample Image --- Bel Magazine Blog


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Where to buy EGG Magazine


Many people wonder about where to buy EGG Magazine  and how to get a subscription. CD Japan has subscription options as  well as worldwide shipping.

Take a look

EGG magazine May 2012 --- Bel Magazine Blog

Buy EGG Magazine


Japanese magazines


There are many places which offer a way to buy magazines from Japan. Recently I found Akadot Retail and there is also Jbox.

Today buying magazines and other Japanese subculture related  items is very easy even if shipping may be high.

For Anime you can try Rightstuf.com we bought from them recently- shipping was low and the speed was great!


Take a look at these stores to see unique and interesting items.


Akadot Retail


Rightstuf International


What is your favourite Asian magazine?


Do you buy magazines from Asia- what is your favourite? We would love to hear about what you read.

Recently we bought COSMODE for inspiration from a local anime store.

Yes, our anime store had a few Japanese magazines – it was good to see these even if they were not the most recent.

Just looking at the pictures was awesome.


Find inspiration anywhere

even if it is in a different language or from a different culture.

Cross borders creatively.


Now what do we do when have found inspiration?

My next post will show you how to easily turn our anime girl Chibibel into a Ganguro as seen in Bel Magazine! Don’t miss it!




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  2. BelMag says:

    Asante sana kwa ujumbe wako. 🙂 Nimefurahi wewe walifurahia kusoma blog .

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