The Future of Ganguro?

Ganguro and Gyaru styles were popular because the people were care-free but have the concerns of life today made us more serious?  This article talks about the future of Ganguro.

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Article: Where have all the Gyaru gone?


It would be sad to see such creativity disappear.

We should not conform but discover our own style- build our own ideas.

There are too many people in the crowd. It is time to stand out even amongst each other.

Let’s be brave like the Ganguro.

I was going to save this for the  last post about Ganguro but Ganguro is still alive today.

The next post will show you the Ganguro of  today as seen in the pages of Egg Magazine- a Japanese magazine dedicated to Ganguro and Gyaru styles.


Next Post: Read Ganguro Heaven -EGG Magazine.


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